Things to Expect During a Home Inspection

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A home inspection is a crucial process in which a property is scrutinized for possible defects. Buyers and sellers will both benefit from the report as it will give them a clearer picture of the property’s condition. But this is the question: what do home inspectors look for? Here, we will list some things you should expect during the inspection:

There would be defects

No home is perfect. Even if you just got your home renovated, there would be issues that will surface. It can be concerned about child safety or fire safety among others.

Small problems are usually easy and not expensive to fix. Just take note that property inspectors aren’t there to judge your home. It’s just a process that every buyer and seller has to go through.

The inspection would be thorough

From your living room down to your crawl space, everything will be included on the home inspection checklist. Usually, inspections include heating, plumbing, AC, attic, roof, walls, ceilings, windows and doors, structural components, basements, and more.

Just take note that this process is just a general inspection of your home; not an X-ray check. The inspector will not tear walls or disassemble the systems in your home.

The report should be extensive

The report after the inspection should contain all the parts of the house and the possible defects that the inspectors found. Most of the time, a home inspection report includes checklists, photographs, summaries, and other information that describes the property’s condition.

The more that the report becomes extensive the more expensive the inspection becomes.

The duration of the inspection

Remember that the inspection process would be faster if the inspectors had easy access to the areas they need to check. Generally, the whole inspection should be done within 2 to 4 hours unless there are unforeseen circumstances that will drag the process longer.

It’s best to clean up your home before the inspection. This way, the inspectors can move around faster and without the cobwebs and dusty boxes along the way.

You will be part of the process

A home inspection doesn’t mean you’ll hand the keys to the inspectors and you’re off the hook. Since it’s your home, you need to be part of the process regardless of who is paying. Also, as a seller, the inspector can give suggestions on how you can fix or improve the condition of your home.

Anyway, don’t be such a bug while the inspectors are doing their job. It’s best to ask ahead of time if they need assistance.

The buyer usually pays for the inspection

It’s common practice for potential buyers to pay for the home inspection. Still, some sellers would avail the property inspection services even before they put the property on the market. This way, they will know what parts they need to improve.


What do home inspectors look for? Home inspections are done to spot defects so the owner can fix them right away. Still, this isn’t a pass/fail process. This is part of responsible homeownership, especially if you’re planning to sell it.

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