New Construction Inspection – What You Need to Know

September 11th, 2019 Uncategorized
new construction inspection

Unlike old houses, home inspections are different when it comes to new construction. Although every inch is new, hiring a home inspector for new construction will secure your potential investment.

If a house is newly constructed, what could go wrong? Here’s what you need to know about a new build inspection.

Why new construction inspection is crucial

New construction inspection is important to ensure that the house is built properly. From the basic detail of overdriven nails to sloping water, inspections like this can reveal a lot about the quality of work done to the house.

The following are some of the issues found after inspecting newly constructed homes:

-Window leaks

-Electrical problems like open grounds or non-existent switchplates

-Structural defects on the foundation

-Grading issues

-Plumbing problems

-HVAC problems

Other possible problems may arise after the inspection. Still, new construction inspection isn’t meant to nitpick on the work of the construction company. It’s just a check-up process to ensure that the contractor delivered what it promised.

What inspectors would look at?

The new construction checklist includes framing inspection, pre-pour inspection, and final inspection. Each stage will be checked for thoroughness so the future homeowner will not face the burden of re-doing any of the construction phases.

Can you skip the inspection?

Many future homeowners cite new construction home inspection costs as the reason for skipping the process. Sure, you’re free to skip the inspection but make sure that your contractor has a build warranty in place. Should any problems arise in the new house, you’re entitled to a free fix.

What to expect during a new construction inspection

Inspectors would be very specific and precise with their inspection. They will ask a lot of questions and they will scour the house for possible issues.

This means that the inspection will take hours. Make sure that you free up the day so you will be around for the inspection.

Most likely, you can be part of the inspection. You can do things like flipping switches on and off multiple times to see if it works. Inspectors may also allow you to operate the appliances to check if they work.

Also, it’s best to run all the systems if possible. This is to put all the components of the house to the test.

How much will the inspection cost?

The new construction inspection cost will depend on the inclusions. Usually, it will cost around $2,300 to $5,000 from start to finish of the construction. This will include several phases conducted in different periods of construction.

Take note that the inspection will be conducted several times. Which means you will pay the entire cost on installment basis. This makes it easier on the pocket for those who are on a tight working budget.


Hiring a home inspector for new construction will ensure that the home you’re building or planning to buy doesn’t have any major issues. It will save you more money, effort, and energy from future repairs and problems.

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