Most Common Problems Found After a Home Inspection Process

September 10th, 2019 Uncategorized
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A home inspection can reveal expensive flaws, something that home buyers have to know first before inking the deal. Also, this knowledge will help home sellers mitigate the issue to increase the chances of the home getting sold fast. Here, we listed some of the common home inspection issues that both home buyers and sellers should check first:

Problematic plumbing

Plumbing problems are the most common and also the most expensive issue that home inspectors discover. A failing pipe can lead to massive water damage that will stymie the sale of your property. Also, outdated pipes made of polybutylene and other old materials will need full replacement. The inspector will also check all fixtures and water systems in your house.

Poor roof quality

Aside from what’s inside your home, the inspector will also take a close look at your roof. The inspector will look at the gutters and flashing. True enough, inspectors usually discover improperly installed roofing, holes, water damage, and more. If some nearby trees or branches may fall into the roof, the inspector may also raise this as an issue.

Molds and mildew

Black molds are one of the most dreaded new construction nightmares. A full-scale mold test will look into the signs of mold buildup in your home. The inspector will check your bathroom, basement, kitchen, utility rooms, and attic. Sometimes, even your garage will be tested for the possible presence of molds.

Electrical wiring issues

For old houses, those built during the 1950s, the knob-and-tube wiring system is the common flaw. This system is unsafe and in need of immediate replacements. Such a wiring system is known to damage modern appliances and can also result in fire incidents.

Also, any DIY wiring repairs will be considered a red flag. Knowing how to solve house problems like this should be in the hands of a pro.

Issues with the HVAC system

As one of the major systems in your house, HVAC is often checked intensively. The inspector will check the thermostat, central conditioner, furnace, and ductwork. Most of the time, inconsistent temperatures are the typical findings

Also, old HVAC systems, those over 10 years of age, are identified as problems. These units need to be replaced immediately.

Improper insulation and ventilation

One of the most common household problems is poor ventilation. Still, it’s one of the most overlooked. Poor insulation and ventilation will jeopardize the indoor air quality of your home. Some cases will even lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, a very lethal situation.

Foundation cracks

The foundation of your home will sustain cracks over time, especially if your property has been in existence for decades. Some inspectors will not consider it as a major problem if the cracks are professionally filled or caulked.

Basement problems

Your basement can host a myriad of problems, from molds, and pests, to undiscovered water damage. Visible water stains and molds are easy to spot. Also, inspectors will take their time to check this part of your home since they know that it’s a pit of many household problems.

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