Importance of Home Inspection for Buyers and Sellers

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Home inspections are important, especially for home buyers and sellers. It’s a great way to check the house’s condition and what possible defects lie inside. Still, some would opt to skip the process to save money and time. This exposes them to the risk of unseen damages which will cost a lot in the long run. If you’re thinking twice, there are some reasons to get a home inspection.

Possible Reasons to Consider Home Inspections

It’s a matter of safety

Home inspections can reveal safety threats like the presence of carbon monoxide, black molds, and radon. Homes should be tested for all these to comply with the law.

Also, such hazards need to be detected even before the property is put on the market. This is for the protection of the new owners and the seller as well. A home inspection checklist will be of help here.

It will reveal the true condition of the property

Should I get a home inspection if the property looks good? A home might look elegant from the outside but it can also harbor damages deep within. The report from the home inspection will give the buyer a clear understanding of the needed repairs and the possible extra cost of purchasing the property. It can also become a game changer in the buyer’s decision to invest in the property.

It’s for your investment’s protection

No one wants to purchase a house mired with defects. Also, homeowners need to maintain the quality of their homes to prevent expensive repairs in the future. Regardless if you’re selling or buying a new home, inspections like these are important to shield your property from bigger damages.

It will reveal illegal alterations

A home inspection will let you know if a garage or room was altered without necessary permits. Illegal additions and alterations will directly impact your taxes, insurance coverage, and home safety. You may also spend more just to fix the problem and to abide by the local codes. Take note that once you purchase a home with these defects, it will be your responsibility to fix it.

It’s a deal-breaker

Why is a home inspection recommended? The result of the home inspection is actually a make-or-break part for a buyer. If the property proves to be a money pit of defects, the buyer will likely look for another potential investment. No one wants to spend more bucks for repairs after paying for a large investment.

It forecasts ongoing costs

The condition of the property will give both the buyer and seller an approximation of how much the ongoing cost will be. It’s like checking the shelf-life of your home’s parts and which one already needs a replacement.

It’s important for your home insurance

If you’re applying for an insurance policy, it’s best to have your home inspected beforehand. Some insurers won’t grant a policy if the house is found to be tattered with damages. Also, some insurance companies will require a home inspection report, especially for large homes.


Aside from the seven points discussed here, there are endless reasons to get a home inspection. Save yourself from the hassle and avail one.

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