The Necessity of Wind and Mold Inspections

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Port St Lucie Florida is by far one of the most beautiful places to live. With our quiet streets, lush greenery, and alluring waterways, the atmosphere is both relaxed and entertaining. Owning a home in Port St Lucie is attainable with a market less competitive than most of our neighboring cities. The luxury of being a homeowner, however, comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Home inspections, specifically wind inspections/mitigations and mold inspections, are a critical component in ensuring that your residence is structurally sound and free from potentially harmful materials.

Hiring a home inspector to perform a wind or mold inspection is profoundly encouraged. Home inspections provide homeowners with peace of mind and recommendations to maintain the framework of your home. What exactly do home inspectors look for when they conduct wind or mold inspections? Here is a quick overview of what you should expect from your professional home inspector report:


There is no denying that Port St. Lucie has had its fair share of torrential storms and some near misses. At the mercy of Mother Nature, there are a few things homeowners can do to ensure that their home is structurally sound. If you are considering a wind inspection or mitigation in Port St Lucie you can expect the professional home inspector to visually examine the following:

What is your roof made of, how old is it, and in what condition is it?
Are the shingles secure?

Roof to Deck Conjunction:
How are the shingles secured to the roof deck, and how secure is it to the rafters?
What type and length of nails were used?

Roof-to-Wall Attachment:
Your professional home inspection will determine how well the roof is attached to the walls. This is a vital piece of the process as it determines how your home would tolerate violent hurricane winds.

Auxiliary Water Protection:
Your home inspector will determine if you have a layer between your roof and insulation, which serves as extra protection for your home.

Roof Design:
The shape of your roof determines just how well it will sustain in a windstorm.

Structural Openings:
Doors, windows, and garage doors will all be analyzed for their ability to withstand gale-force and hurricane winds.

Wind inspections ensure that your property is secure and able to withstand the specific weather conditions of Port St Lucie. Your home inspector will assess and provide you with recommendations. A few simple structural upgrades could be the difference between a home successfully sustaining a storm or needing a complete rebuild.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that the presence of mold in your home is never a good thing- EVER! Home inspection Port St Lucie inspectors KNOW what to look for, but here are a few things you should know as a homeowner.

When left to accumulate, mold can cause structural damage and expose individuals to a slew of health issues. The visible mold is the last of your worries. What is lurking behind your walls and under your floorboards is the most significant cause for concern. Mold inspections go behind the scenes and determine the cause and extent of mold growth in your home.

Produced by moisture, mold can grow and thrive in a variety of places in your home. Port St. Lucie Florida weather, is the superb climate for mold spores to grow and manifest. Apparent moisture is an easy fix for homeowners. Again, it is the problems you can’t see that pose the most significant risks. When you eliminate the source of the moisture, you disqualify the conditions for mold to grow.

By hiring a professional home inspector to perform a mold inspection, they will be able to ascertain if there is unseen mold growth in your home and, secondly, the source creating the mold growth. The professional home inspectors employed by JS Perry and Associates, LLC are not only licensed, certified, and insured but are superiorly trained and are experts in the field.

If you or a family member is exhibiting signs of breathing/asthmatic issues, skin irritations, or eye irritability with no rational explanation, you may be unintentionally exposed to mold, and it may be time to call in the professionals. The risks far outweigh the benefits of having a mold inspection. If you feel that your home may be housing mold spores,s call us today. Our professionals are here to help and will provide you with an actionable plan and peace of mind that there is no mold growth in your home.


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Why Do You Need to Have a Home Inspection?

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There are some reasons why you need to seek a home inspection in Fort Pierce. As a buyer of the house, you need to assess the conditions of your chosen property before you buy it. In this way, you will know exactly what you are getting into. If the house is in good condition, you will buy it without a doubt. On the part of the seller, you need to conduct a home inspection before you sell it as a preparatory measure. This will give you a chance to prepare the necessary repairs. Then you can sell your property at a price that will profit you.

The main advantage of a home inspection is to understand the critical information about the condition of a home and its structure. This will help the buyer to be aware of safety issues and the costs of repairs and maintenance the home may need immediately. One purchase agreement includes a contingency clause. That allows the buyer to disagree if they find an unsatisfactory result from a home inspection. Having a home inspection in Fort Pierce will help the buyer save more money and potential legal hassles.

Home Inspection Important Factors

Another important factor is the protection of both parties. The report of the home inspector is proof of a safe and healthy home that the buyer may buy. The same with the seller their protection from any stingy and critical buyer. Also, in the report, there is some suggestion that both parties may apply for their home to maintain their safety and healthy property. Particularly, Home Inspection Fort Pierce gave a detailed home inspection and filled with maintenance recommendations.

Most buyers fascinated by the outside look of the house didn’t realize the inner conditions of the property. They are completely blind to the main issues that will make their dream homes a nightmare.

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