7 Notorious Heater Problems You Should Check Before a Home Inspection

September 11th, 2019 Uncategorized
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Heating is a major system in every home. When it malfunctions, it will compromise the comfort of the occupants. If the house is on the market, it will discourage buyers from taking an interest in the property. Common water heater problems may also decrease the value of your home.

During an inspection, the following are usually found on heating systems:

Dirty filters

Dirty filters are a sign of a lack of maintenance. When the dirt accumulates on the filters for a long time, it will lead to tripping. Aside from that, your heating system will consume more power for a very small amount of heat. Most of all, the dirt will impact the indoor air quality of your home. For water heaters, it will produce murky water.

Frequent cycling

Frequent cycling means that the heater is clogged or has inconsistent flow. Another reason could be a faulty thermostat setting. Whatever the cause is, this should be fixed right away. Frequent cycling will also put too much wear and tear on your heating system. A water heater troubleshooting from a professional will help fix this.

Ignition control problems

A malfunctioning ignition may lead to inconsistent temperatures. Take note that modern heating units will have two types of ignition, an intermittent pilot or a hot surface ignition. It’s best to tap the help of a professional to get this fixed. The same goes if your electric hot water is not working.

Weird noises

Weird noises are guaranteed signs that there’s something wrong with your heating system. If the system is louder than usual, some parts may be loose. Another reason could be excessive wear and tear. Take note that noises from your heating system won’t go on their own. The inspector will help identify the cause so you can have it fixed right away.

Inconsistent heat

If the hot temperature on your heater isn’t flowing consistently, you need to call a heating expert right away. Your thermostat may be having a misreading, which makes you think that the unit isn’t producing enough heat. This inaccuracy is a big flaw in your heating system and must be repaired accordingly.

Leaks on the ductwork

Ductwork leaks are often unseen until significant problems occur. The inspector will feel for blowing air on the length of the ductwork. This includes climbing into your attic and looking for possible holes. If ever leaks are discovered, it has to be patched up to improve the efficiency of your heating system. It will also help reduce your energy bill cost.

Molds on the furnace

Poor ductwork and improper insulation will result in molds on your furnace. This is the worst place to have mold buildup as the spores will mix into the air. It will disperse all over your house which the occupants can inhale. For those with severe allergies, this can trigger respiratory problems.

Excessive power usage ratio

Be it your water not getting hot in the shower or your air heating system not functioning well, one thing’s for sure: you will have skyrocketing electric bills. Fixing all the mentioned issues should help decrease your energy consumption.

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